Discover some examples of Pickfoot already integrated at our customers!

Food products
Pickfoot x marcel senchou

Marcel Senchou

Mode dialog + On page

With the Ketchup or Spices range filter, Marcel Senchou customers can quickly find the locations of their favourite products on the home page or on the dedicated page!

Food products
Pickfoot et CQFD


Mode dialog + On page

Integrated in dialog mode accessible on all pages of the site, Pickfoot allows C.Q.F.D to quickly make visible the distribution points of their organic pasta, sauces and ravioli!

Service companies
VOile Evasion et Pickfoot

Voile Évasion

Mode dialog

With the filter by type of excursion, Voile Évasion customers can quickly find out where the different outings are available!

Try our customers' storelocators here

Integrated here in full section, Pickfoot allows you to navigate from one store locator to another in one click!